Greg Medford is a native Arizonan and an ardent American patriot. He is dedicated to hand-crafting and small-scale manufacturing as a part of the new Small Factory Industrial Rebirth of America. Greg’s early development was deeply shaped by his Mom being 2nd generation Greek immigrant and Dad being from an old Irish/ American family that hails from Massachusetts, West Texas and Arizona. The values of pragmatism, hard work, honesty, love of one’s country, and treating people right were instilled early. His Greek grandfather Christy Nekitopoulous would nearly get teary eyed talking about his love for this country and the trucking company he established is still family-owned and operated nearly 100 years later

格雷格和亚利桑那州的梅德福是美国的爱国者。他是致力于手工制作刀具,作为在的美国一个新的小厂。格雷格的早期发展是由妈妈和爸爸是从希腊移民家庭,是老爱尔兰/美国马萨诸塞州西部和得克萨斯州,和亚利桑那州。秉承的价值 努力工作,诚实,爱家乡。

Greg is relatively new to knife making but attacks the calling with the same intense passion and dedication towards excellence that he brings to everything he does. A life long lover of all things edged, he is no newcomer to the design and use of knives. He has been restoring and using period Japanese swords since the mid 1980s. Greg is a 31-year professional Martial Artist and hand-to-hand instructor, as well as a close quarters master level instructor and has a very strong background in close quarters bare-handed weapon defense and disarms. He holds a Commercial Pilot’s License and is an FAA certified single/multi/instrument flight instructor. He holds a surface level aerobatic competency card for flying airshows and has been a leader in the Warbird Aviation community for years. When Greg flew airshows professionally, he was not only the pilot, but he built his planes, rebuilt their engines, and even imported exotic planes from around the world for restoration and use. All of these experiences uniquely prepared him for the design and manufacture of advanced edged weapons and tools. Greg served in the United States Marine Corps from 1988-1992 as an M.O.S. 0311. He was part of “New England’s Own” and deployed for Operations Desert Storm and Shield in 1990-1991.

格雷格是一个新的品牌,但对攻击刀的制作有着卓越的激情。格雷格是一个31岁的专业的武术艺术家和教练、一级近身格斗主教练的背景,他持有商业飞行员执照和FAA的认证是一个单/多/仪表飞行教练。嘿aerobatic能力卡持有表面水平和飞行表演为他们的领袖。在多年的航空社区。当格雷格表演专业的飞机的飞行员,他帮助他的计划,但他建的,位于他们的引擎,甚至可以从世界各地进口计划,为恢复和使用的。所有这些经验,以及他独特的设计和制造先进的武器和工具的边。格雷格到在美国海军陆战队从1988年至1992年为m.o.s. 0311服役。他在新英格兰参加 “沙漠风暴盾行动的部署的“1990年和1991年”。
Greg was part of the augmentation force integrated into the 5th Marines and was a part of ground combat operations in Task Force Ripper in Western Kuwait. He holds a special place in his heart for anyone who needs a knife for the various things required in warfare and brings his first-hand experience to the design and making of these special blades. As a husband and father of two, Greg knows and feels how important it is to have the very best tools to get you back to your loved ones after a mission or adventure. When a knife leaves the studio with the MKT logo stamped into it, all of these influences bear forth in the steel and quality of our products.

全 长: 195mm
刀 长: 85mm
柄长度: 110mm
刃 材: D2
硬 度: 60-61HRC
表 面: 石洗
刃 厚: 6.8mm
柄 材: G10
刀 鞘: Kydex®
重 量: 230g
原产地: 美国Medford格雷格FUK Fighting Utility 开膛手爪 1 Medford格雷格FUK Fighting Utility 开膛手爪 2 Medford格雷格FUK Fighting Utility 开膛手爪 3 Medford格雷格FUK Fighting Utility 开膛手爪 4 Medford格雷格FUK Fighting Utility 开膛手爪 5 Medford格雷格FUK Fighting Utility 开膛手爪 6